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Students in Kindergarten, 3rd, 4th 5th, and 6th Grades attend Trimont Elementary School.  At Trimont Elementary, we are committed to providing the best educational opportunities for your child!

Lost and Found Items Donated End of June!
Please swing into Trimont Elementary school at some point before the end of the year to check the lost and found for items your child may have lost. There are many sweatshirts, shirts and shoes which have been placed on the table in the cafeteria. So far, some items have been claimed but many remain. Although we leave the items out for students to search through, many forget to look. Under Armor sweatshirts and other expensive items are held in the office. If you provide a description of the item we can track it down if it has been turned in. We know these items can be costly and hope many are recovered. Items not reclaimed will be donated to the Salvation Army. 

Cook's Choice Lunch May 30th - June 1st
Lunch on May 30th and 31st will be served with hot vegetable and assorted fruits. Salad Bar will be served as long as produce is in the cooler.
May 30th - Choice of a Hot dog on a bun, Corn dog or Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich
May 31st - Choice of Pizza, Quesadilla or Chicken Patty on a bun
June 1st - Sack Lunch Beef or Turkey Sandwich, Sun Chips, Baby Carrots and Apple Slices

Proper Summer Dress
With the weather getting nice and the temperatures getting higher, we would like to remind students to dress appropriately at school. Please reference the student handbook at the beginning of the student planners. One common dress code issue is the length of shorts. In the student handbook, students are asked to "use discretion in the length of the shorts they wear." Sometimes an outfit may look nice but may not fulfill the dress code requirements. As a general rule of thumb, the ends of shorts should be as far or farther down the leg than an person's fingertips when their arms hang freely at their sides. Starting Monday, May 12th, students will be asked to change into different pants or shorts if they are not long enough. Parents will be contacted to bring in alternative clothing and if they are not able to bring in clothes, sweatpants will be provided.
Thank you for your help in this manner. 


Field Trips For Grades 5th and 6th

6th Grade - May 31st “State Capital and Fort Snelling” St. Paul, MN

5th Grade - May 31st “Camp Day” Camp Foster in East Okoboji, IA




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