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chapter 3 study game

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chapter 2 study game

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American Values Project

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American Values Project


From the list you have made, select at least 3 values that are most important to you personally and show/explain why. You have three options for this project.

OPTION 1: Type a 1-2 page paper on your 3 American values.

  • 12 point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced paragraphs
  • Each value should be written using the same format we have been using for all writing assignments
  • Provide examples of what it is and why it is important!

OPTION 2: Create a collage of your three values by using:

  • Cut-out pictures, drawings
  • Short explanations of which 3 values you picked and what each picture is showing
  • Use color!
  • Be prepared to have these put on display

OPTION 3: Give a 2-minute presentation to the class on your 3 American Values, why they are important, and examples of how they have affected you personally.

  • Be prepared to present on Monday. Students will be able to ask questions after your presentation


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                This year long course is designed to provide the student with information concerning their government and the opportunities and problems that face them as future citizens of the U.S. The areas of emphasis will include: A political history of the U.S.; the development of the Constitution and its amendments; a study of the various forms of government in the world; an in-depth study of how our government works; a geographical study of the political boundaries of the U.S.; a study of governmental economics; taxation and a look at the social problems that face our nation today and in the future. A short careers block will be included in this course.

                                Areas of Study covered in this course are not limited to, but include:

  1. Foundations of Citizenship
  2. Creating a Lasting Government
  3. The Federal Government
  4. State and Local Government
  5. Foundations of Economics
  6. Government and the Economy
  7. The American Legal System
  8. People Make a Difference
  9. The United States and the World



  1. All students will complete all assigned work in a timely manner to include ungraded work.
  2. Communication between instructor and students will be constant and consistent.
  3. Complete assignments by due date.


93-100%               A                             78-79%                 C+

90-92                     A-                           73-77                     C

88-89                     B+                           70-72                     C-

83-87                     B                             68-69                     D+

80-82                     B-                            63-67                     D

                                                                60-62                     D-

Grading Weights:

All tests, quizzes, projects, writing assignments, and daily work are graded with the same amount of weight. The number of points will vary based on assignment type. Example: daily writing #7=4 pts. Unit 3 test= 50 pts.


Late Work/Makeup Policy:

Late work can be a detriment to the success of students in the classroom as many of the assignments are geared toward reinforcing desired learning that takes place in the classroom. 

Martin County West Junior/Senior High School will use the following guidelines regarding late work:

If the assignment is handed in on time, they are eligible to receive 100% of the points available.

If the assignment is handed in one day late, they are eligible to receive a maximum of 80% of the points available.

If the assignment is handed in more than one day late, they are not eligible for any of the points available.

This may be adjusted as deemed appropriate for individual considerations.


1 Pen or Pencil

1 Notebook (8x11)

1 Folder