MCW buses will pick up as normal on Tuesday (3/19/19) morning.  Buses will run on paved roads only in the afternoon.

School will be in session on Monday, April 22 and Friday, May 31. 

In addition, the District will be extending seven school days.  For more information on these extended days follow THIS LINK.

Connie Stenson
Connie Stenson
Connie Stenson is a graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead, MN with a major in Elementary Education and Psychology and a minor in Music. She was born and raised in North Dakota, as was her husband, Rick. They moved to Sherburn in 1988 and began teaching the first year of Martin County West. Connie teaches 2nd grade.  Her husband teaches Government, History and Psychology at MCW Jr/Sr High School. She received her Master of Arts degree from St. Mary's University of MN in 2000. Connie and Rick have 2 sons-Chris and Kelly-both graduates of Martin County West. When she isn't in the classroom, chances are you could find her out on a golf course somewhere enjoying the beauty, wonder and challenge of the game!

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