Parent Hand Book

The Martin County West Preschools seek to provide a warm and supportive atmosphere for preschool children in order that they might experience the joy of learning.  The program is planned to help each child develop his or her physical, social, emotional, and academic potential.

Recognizing the parent as the child’s most important teacher, the program hopes to provide support to the parents in understanding their child’s growth and behavior. 

In preschool every child in an important human being.  Each child is an individual, unique and separate from all others.  Each one has his developmental time schedule, his own strengths and weaknesses.

A positive self-image is basic to optimal growth, and an honest appreciation of other people is essential for happy successful living.

Freedom to choose from selected activities and encouragement along the way are important ingredients in learning, a constant never ending process.

Parents, teachers, and community all share in the responsibility for nurturing of young children.  We have an opportunity to work together to enrich the lives of our 3-5 year-olds.

The Marin County West Preschools do not discriminate against anyone regardless of race, creed, or color.

School Policies

Students – The Martin county West Preschools serve children from the ages of 3-5 years.  Children who are 3 years of age before Sept. 1, 2018 are eligible for the 3-year-old program (2 days/week).  Students need to be 4 years old by Sept. 1, 2018 to attend the 4-year-old program (3 days/week).   We offer AM and PM programs in Sherburn, Trimont and Welcome school buildings.

Children entering kindergarten the following year will have priority in the fall enrollment.

Hours –The classroom door will be closed until 5 minutes before class time as this is the teachers prep time.  To leave staff free to greet the children, we ask the parents to help take off wraps if they bring their child.  Parents are responsible for getting the children to and from the classroom door.  Parents must call the school if your child will not be attending that day.   If someone other than the parents will be picking up the child, the staff must be notified by written note or phone call.  Children who ride the bus will be supervised before and after class by MCW staff.  Please call the number for your routes if your child won’t be riding the bus to due illness or other emergency. 

Welcome – 728.8969

Sherburn – 764-4461

Trimont – 639.2071  

Tuition – Cost is $90.00 per month for students attending 3 days per week, payable the first week of the month.  Students attending 2 days per week will be charged $70.00 per month.  Refunds will not be made due to absences because of illness or vacation.

Admission – Parent or guardian must fill out enrollment forms and permissions for field trips and emergency situations.  The Health Care Summary must be turned in within one month after enrollment.

Demission – We maintain the right to dismiss children if we feel we cannot adequately meet their needs, or if the family is more than two months behind on their tuition.

Withdrawal – If a family needs to withdraw from preschool, two week notice is required.

IllnessParents should inform the staff if their child comes down with a communicable disease or lice, scabies, impetigo, ringworm, or chicken pox.  Parent will be called if their child becomes ill during the session.  A place away from the children where the child can rest and be supervised will be provided until someone comes to pick him up.  We encourage families to allow their children to remain home when they do not feel good.  Children should be fever free for 24 hours before they return to school.

Field Trips and Publicity – written parental consent is required for a child to participate in field trips of public relations activities such as pictures or names in the local newspaper.

Snacks – A snack bag will be sent home with your child periodically.  A variety of foods at snack time are suggested.  It is not meant to be a meal.  Crackers, cheese, fruit, vegetables, dips, or healthy cookies are some examples of snacks served.  Purchased snacks are necessary.

Birthdays – If you would like to bring a treat on your child’s birthday, please contact the teacher ahead of time so that she may plan accordingly.  The State Dept. of Health specifies commercially packages foods.  Inedible treats such as stickers or small favors are also good ideas.

Newsletter – A newsletter will be sent home monthly to inform the parents of events and activities at school.

Sharing – When your child brings home the special “sharing bag” he can bring something of interest to school the next day to show and tell about to the class.

Pets – We may from time to time have pets or other animals visit our classroom.  If your child has any allergies or unusual fear of animals, please inform the staff.

Clothing – Play clothes are best.  We suggest that girls wear something on their legs such as slacks or tights because at this age they spend much time on the floor.  Comfortable, loose clothing which children can manage in the bathroom is best to develop independence.  Please put your child’s name on outdoor clothing, especially boots.

Toilet Training – We expect that your child be toilet trained before attending preschool.  Occasional lapses are expected. 

Visitors – Parents are always welcome to visit.  If the teachers are not free to talk with you, make yourself comfortable and join in the activities with your child. 

Parents – If you have anything to share with our class such as a talent, hobbies, or unusual pets, please do!