MCW buses will pick up as normal on Tuesday (3/19/19) morning.  Buses will run on paved roads only in the afternoon.

School will be in session on Monday, April 22 and Friday, May 31. 

In addition, the District will be extending seven school days.  For more information on these extended days follow THIS LINK.

Snack Time
We provide napkins, utensils, cups and milk. 
Listed below are some suggestions for the snack bag,  Your choices are certainly not limited to these items.
  • Any kind of fruit - Fresh, canned, or dried – We have a can opener, knife, apple corer and bowls.
  • Veggies – Such as baby carrots and dip, celery with peanut butter
  • Crackers – any kind shape or size
  • Cheese – with crackers or not, string cheese, cheese cut into shapes, spreadable
  • A loaf of bread, muffins – perhaps send with jam, jelly, peanut butter, or other spreads
  • Pudding/yogurt/applesauce etc. – does not need to be in individual servings.  We can divide and serve
  • Animal crackers/teddy grahams/ cheese puffs/ popcorn etc.
If you would like to send a snack that correlates with our unit of the week, (ex. Round crackers with square pieces of cheese or ham during shape week) that would be great too!Don’t stress over large amounts.One bunch of bananas will serve 10-12 children.We will have the number of servings needed and when to return the snack bags written on a card inside the bag.Thank you so much for your help!!