MCW buses will pick up as normal on Tuesday (3/19/19) morning.  Buses will run on paved roads only in the afternoon.

School will be in session on Monday, April 22 and Friday, May 31. 

In addition, the District will be extending seven school days.  For more information on these extended days follow THIS LINK.

Preschool Daily Schedule
Free Choice Time: Approx. 1.5 hours
  • Painting at easel
  • Playdough
  • Sand (corn or water) table
Table Activities (these correspond to the topic for the day)
  • Games, puzzles, manipulative's, early learning science, math, and pre-reading activities
  • Daily art
  • Creative coloring/drawing, watercolors, do a- dots, scrap art, letters
Dramatic Play
  • Blocks, cars, kitchen area, farm, trains, Lego’s, doll house etc.
Group Time: 30-40 minutes (This is divided into 3 times throughout the day)
  • Daily job chart includes a counter, calendar, weather and name recognition
  • Stories – flannel board stories, pictures or other activates that go with our units
  • Singing, instruments, movement
  • Sharing
  • Individual Ipad time
  • Discussion and conversation time
Snack Time:
  • Children take turns bringing a snack, we sit together at the tables to eat and visit with each other.
Gross Motor:
  • Gym, outdoors, or room activities that involve movement (parachute, games, beanbags, music, scarves, or hula hoops)