Preschool Daily Schedule
Free Choice Time: Approx. 1.5 hours
  • Painting at easel
  • Playdough
  • Sand (corn or water) table
Table Activities (these correspond to the topic for the day)
  • Games, puzzles, manipulative's, early learning science, math, and pre-reading activities
  • Daily art
  • Creative coloring/drawing, watercolors, do a- dots, scrap art, letters
Dramatic Play
  • Blocks, cars, kitchen area, farm, trains, Lego’s, doll house etc.
Group Time: 30-40 minutes (This is divided into 3 times throughout the day)
  • Daily job chart includes a counter, calendar, weather and name recognition
  • Stories – flannel board stories, pictures or other activates that go with our units
  • Singing, instruments, movement
  • Sharing
  • Individual Ipad time
  • Discussion and conversation time
Snack Time:
  • Children take turns bringing a snack, we sit together at the tables to eat and visit with each other.
Gross Motor:
  • Gym, outdoors, or room activities that involve movement (parachute, games, beanbags, music, scarves, or hula hoops)