Scholastic Book Orders
Classroom Code: PZK7B
Dear Parents/Guardians,
    Reading is a key to your child's success! Our classroom is a part of Scholastic Reading Club, which is a site where you can buy books for your child at any reading level. You can also see recommendations that I make for students to read.
Opportunities from Scholastic Reading Club:
    - each book you buy, earns FREE books for our classroom library
    - you can hand pick books specific to grade or reading level for you child
    - great values on a variety of book formats, including paperback, hardcover, and ebooks
Your child will bring home a Scholastic Book Order every month. It is your choice if you would like to order. 

How to Order:
    - click link above
    - type in classroom code
    - select books from the different flyers
    - pay online
The books will come to the school, and I will send them home with your child. 
Scholastic Reading Club offers your child the opportunity to grow through their reading and develop skills that they will use their entire life. The experiences that books provide for children is priceless. If you have any other questions about this process, please contact me. 
Mrs. VanBrocklin