Frontline Information

Martin County West is upgrading to the Frontline Education’s Insights Platform! The Insights Platform is similar to an "operating system" that our Frontline application is built on. The Insights Platform does not replace our Frontline product; rather it’s now what our application will be built on. The Insights Platform provides enhanced functionality to create a better experience for you.



Our organization will transition onto the Insights Platform on Tuesday, July 24, 2018. You will need to create a new Frontline ID account to login. Below is the link to the Quick Start Guide and a simulation course that will guide you through this transition:



When you attempt to login, you will be instructed to create a new Username and Password for interaction via the Website. Once you have created your Frontline ID Account, you should bookmark Frontline Education’s new, universal URL: Your new Frontline ID account Username and Password will replace your previous login credentials for web access; they will no longer work if you attempt to sign in on the website.


We are confident that you will find the new enhancements to be very user friendly and to enhance your experience with Frontline solutions.  Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions that you may have at this point.