Have you been using the online math text book and the Personal Tutor?  Follow the directions below to access this wonderful resource.

1.  Click here for the Math Personal Tutor Link
2.  Choose the correct grade level
3.  Choose the correct textbook (for courses 1-3, click on Math Connects first)
4.  Click Enter
5.  Click the StudentWorks Plus online icon
6.  On the Student login page, enter the correct access code for your textbook.

                    Grade 1:     D0C87A09E5
                       Grade 2:     B73A5DA703
                       Grade 3:     E920FAD970
                       Grade 4:     B1A28A6306
                       Grade 5:     EB5B29B53B
                       Course 1:    C8495A4A07
                       Course 2:    CB8A590A66
                       Course 3:    EB1B80A678

7.  Click the Table of Contents button in the top left corner (to see the chapters)
8.  Choose the chapter and lesson to view the text online
9.  Click on the Resources button to access various resources for each lesson