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Dear Maverick Families

Just before I sat down to write this message, I got an update on what graduation is like here at MCW.  Earlier today I saw our head custodian preparing for a visit from contractors who will start work on our buildings soon.  Almost everyday someone gives me the count of days left in the school year.  Every afternoon I see our track athletes warming up in the streets around the high school.  The parking lot at the Welcome ballfields is pretty busy most evenings.  All this can be only mean one thing: summer is on the way!

Our students and staff eagerly await the end of the school year and many weeks of long, sunny days of summer.  However, the dawning realization that summer is inevitable that usually hits sometime in May can be the cause of parental panic.  I know from personal experience and from years of talking terrified parents that summer can feel like a long stretch of time to make sure one's children don't lose all their social skills, daily routines, and academic abilities.  I have some ideas that can help.

My first idea is very simple and probably very familiar to many of us: play!  Kids need to do a lot of playing during the summer.  Ride bikes, play at the park, run through the sprinkler, play cards and board games, make chalk drawings on the driveway, and do anything else that is ative, outside, and perhaps most imprtantly, not in front of a screen.  Kids do lots of hard work during the school day when they have to focus their brains and bodies.  Summer gives them a chance to let loose and just play.  As they do that with friends and family, they are working on important social skills and physical development.  These are things that can't be built when a kid is on a device.

Anoher idea is to check out the activities we are offering through the schools and Community Ed (CER).  We have some staff working right now to plan an elementary summer program that will include fun learning activities incuding field trips.  If your children are invited to participate, it will be worth their time to fill in any learning gaps from the school year in  really fun ways in a lower-stress environment.

In addition to programs run by the schools, there are some great community-based programs.  I just checked out the Martin County Library's schedule and they have lots of fun stuff scheduled for the summer.  Martin County Know How has summer STEM camps on their website for those who love building and playing with robots.  I know there are many more fun and interesting summer activities for kids in our area this summer that we will hear about in the coming weeks.

School is hard work for kids.  Summer provides crucial rest and relaxation for kids, parents, and staff.  It would be easy to let the days fill up with video games and YouTube videos.  Getting active, being outside, interacting with other kids, and spending quality time as a family will help young brains continue to develop and prevent the dreaded summer slide in skills and abilities.  Enjoy the summer together!

In partnership for year-round learning,
Cori Reynolds, Superintendent