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Hello Maverick Family!

The floors in the hallways are shiny with their new wax.  Every day more teachers are coming in to work on setting up their classrooms.  Laughter and small voices being heard more often throughout the school as families come in to register.  The excitement is building every day as we get closer to THE big day: The first day of school!

I wish none of us had to speak another word about COVID-19 unless it was funny stories about what we did to stay entertained in lockdown.  Unfortunately, it's still here and a part of yet another school year.  What follows is a summary of the COVID protocols MCW will have in place this year, more information can be found on the District website.

Our top priorities for this school year are to keep students and staff safe physically, emotionally, and mentally, and maximize in-person learning.  Here are the components of the Martin County West Schools approach to achieve these priorities:

  • Requirements from state and federal agencies we will enfore: Everyone riding a school vehicle or bus must wear a mask.  Also, suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 amongst students and staff will be reported to the Minnesota Department of Health
  • Recommendations from state and federal agencies we will implement: To the best of our ability, will practice Distancing and Cohorting; run the building ventilation to bring more fresh air into the buildings; educate students on handwashing and Respiratory Etiquette; ask families and staff to stay home when sick and encouraging testing; continue with efforts to clean and disinfect surfaces as needed and at least daily.
  • Strategies we will deploy as needed: offering distance learning only in the event of widespread transmission in a classroom, school building, or community.  Please contact your child's school principal to inquire about alternatives.
  • Plans we are still developing: hot to handle a lab-confirmed case of COVID-19 and how - or if - to offer optional COVID-19 testing at school for staff and students.
  • Individual choices we will respect: the use of masks in school buildings.  Mask shaming of any kind - of those who do and of those who do not choose to wear masks - will not be tolerated.  Any instances will be reported to the school principal for immediate follow up.

I hope you and your family will join us for the upcoming events to kick off this new school year.  We look forward to welcoming your children back to what I hope will be a fantastic school year.

Cori Reynolds, Superintendent