• Educational Adequacy 

    Wondering how MCW facilities compare to spaces like the ones being proposed in the referendum? See for yourself.

  • Operations & Finances

    One of the school board's highest priorities in the building project proposal is fiscal sustainability. Superintendent Cori Reynolds talks about how operations and finances relate. 

  • Learning Spaces

    Trimont Elementary Principal Michele Baker talks about today's educational needs for different learning spaces. 

  • Career & Technical Education

    Teacher Jonah Mayo discusses the challenges of the current shop spaces. 

  • Fiscal Sustainability

    Alaina Baker, MCW alum, talked about what fiscal sustainability means to her. 

  • Secure Entrances

    MCW Principal Michele Baker shares current standards for secure entrances in school buildings. 

  • One Campus

    Former teacher and current Sherburn mayor Bob Roesler discusses the economic benefits of one school building. 

  • Athletic Facilities

    Athletes and athletics have changed since MCW Schools were built, according to Activities Director Tom Elliott. 

  • Improved Spaces

    Superintendent Cori Reynolds shares how the proposed building project would create improved learning spaces at MCW.